EDR (event data recorder), or better known as black box, is a technology available in several vehicles that circulate in our country through which the dynamic and technical information of the vehicle and its occupants is stored during a collision. This information is related to speed data, maneuvers and actions of the driver and occupants that can be recovered by reading the EDR (event data recorder).

In relation to the accident investigation and fraud prevention, some of the information that can be recovered is detailed below:



These are stored in a vehicle memory, recording all data from seconds before the collision until the vehicle stops. Recovery of this data can be done even days after the event.

Retrieval of collision data is performed through an interface (hardware) that downloads the binary data from the ACM (air bag module), and is then translated into a Collision Report.

These are some questions that can guide the best understanding of the usefulness of this technology.

What is the difference between EDR and Black Box?
The devices on airplanes known as black boxes perform periodic recording not only of technical data of the trip or movement of the airplane; but they also record the conversations of their crew members, sounds, etc. The EDR only records technical data on the condition of the vehicle and its occupants from seconds before the collision to seconds after the collision.


What vehicles in our country have this technology?
Although the list of vehicles with EDR is extensive, in summary, all vehicles from the main foreign brand manufacturers that are assembled locally or imported as a unit have EDR. For a specific search please contact us.


How long is the information stored in the vehicle?
In most vehicles with EDR, the information is stored until it is overwritten, that is; until such time as the unit is repaired and experiences another crash. Some new devices and vehicles are beginning to protect the main information of the collision(s) that the vehicle may have experienced, throughout its useful life.


If the vehicle had an accident, is repaired and is on the road again, is it possible to recover the data from the event some time later?
Yes, as long as the vehicle does not crash again, the data from the last event can be recovered even if the vehicle has been repaired.


How long before and after the collision does the EDR record data about the vehicle and its occupants?
Between 10 to 5 seconds before the collision, and up to 5 to 10 seconds after it, data is recorded.


If the vehicle crashes, but the airbag does not deploy, is the data also recorded?
Yes, even if the vehicle experiences collisions at very low speed, the event and its data are recorded in the memory.


How does the vehicle determine that it has experienced a collision?
Through acceleration sensors that are located in different parts of the vehicle body. Whenever these sensors register deceleration peaks equal to or greater than 1.5G, the recorded data is not deleted or overwritten, leaving the information ready for download.


How long does it take to download the information?
The entire procedure frequently lasts between 15 to 30 minutes.


Who can download the information?
Authorized and duly trained experts who have reading (data retrieval) instruments.


Can this information be adulterated?
There is no history of adulteration of the information recovered from the EDR. Additionally, each reading that is made on the vehicle to obtain collision data from the EDR is determined by a “vehicle contact” (ignition cycle) accounting number, and the successful download also has a sexagesimal code to guarantee the readability of the information and the document as a final report.


Does this information extracted from the EDR have judicial validity?
Definitely yes. Like the traditional tachograph implemented in many vehicles, the EDR and the information recovered is of vital importance in the accident investigation process within the judicial process.

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